Some New Ice Fishing Mods

Drew is ready to go find some fish!

Drew is ready to go find some fish!

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately making some modifications to my ATV and ice sleds for the ice fishing season. I have been wanting to fish more efficiently and take extra passengers. This is one of the setups I came up with. I mounted a 50 gallon tote on the back rack with a rod rack and additional storage for my hub style fish house. I then built an auger mount for the front rack on the ATV which is quick to clamp and un-clamp the auger off and on.

ATV Auger Mount ice fishing sled

Oh yeah we caught some fish too!

Ice fishing pumpkin seed sunfish minnesota

Ice fishing slab blue gill sunfish minnesota

Drew holds up a slab for a quick picture but won’t take his eyes of the Vexilar as a pile of fish were coming up off the bottom to his jig.

I also modified a pull sled for using to haul all of my gear when ATV or snowmobile travel is not an option and walking is the only safe way. See Ice Mods Part 2.

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