Midwest Fly-Fishing

And everything in between.

Midwest Fly-Fishing

And everything in between.

  • The 320 lb Deer

    On Sunday, October 15 of 2017 I entered the woods around 2:30pm to setup for an evening bow hunt. The temperature was around 46 degrees, the wind was blowing out of the West around 13mph and it was partly cloudy but starting to become overcast. After walking into my hunt location, I setup my treestand… Read more »

  • February Trouts

    Two Thousand Seventeen is off to a good start. We had a strong showing early on in February. There was even a day on the weekend that wasn’t blowing 60mph and I was able to get my kayak out in some deep water jigging lake trout and herring. It didn’t take long to find a… Read more »

  • North Shore Fall Grand Slam

    Kayak Fishing Lake Trout Always have a plan B. Plan A was kayak fishing lake trout every day but because Lake Superior is so unpredictable, conditions were only ideal for our first evening of fishing. Even so, we capitalized and made the best of it when we could. Plan B was fly fishing in the… Read more »

  • Paddle the Pads Bass Fly Fishing Tournament 2017

    Saturday marked the debut for a new fly fishing tournament hosted by Great Lakes Fly Shop. The tournament was specifically open to fly fishing anglers; canoes, kayaks, and non-motorized drift boats only. All proceeds were donated to The Minnesota Land Trust to support clean and sustainable water on the St. Louis River. Official Facebook Event… Read more »

  • Wilderness Trout Fishing in Northern Minnesota

    The reason we travel to Northern Minnesota to fish stream trout through the ice is for the experience and the solitude. Although we could have easily kept limits of trout, we only kept a few rainbows around 20″ and let everything else go. The lakes were empty of people and we really felt alone out… Read more »