Boundary Waters Lake Trout

Drew had the lowdown on a lake he wanted to try and catch some lake trout on so I joined him for a couple of days in the BWCA to see if we could find any. We mostly trolled spoons behindĀ a nifty little invention called the “pink lady.”

Pink Lady

Selecting lake trout spoons is just plain silly and the naming conventions are even more ridiculous. There must be a lot of bored individuals out there who like to paint metal. I just grabbed a couple of spoons in some general “fish-catching” colors that looked like they would throw off some flash and was on my way.

lake trout trolling spoon selection

After arriving to our destination lake and setting up camp, we were eager to get out fishing.

bwca campsite

It didn’t take long after setting up our trolling rods for Drew to hook up with the first fish.

Boundary Waters Lake Trout

Fishing was pretty slow after that first fish but from the sounds of it, that is typical for this lake. A four-fish day is considered pretty good, so we were happy to catch 3 more during the duration of our trip to round out our limit before heading out.

boundary waters lake trout minnesota

boundary waters lake trout minnesota

The weather was a bit rainy, but the nights/evenings were wonderful. There were no bugs around and the temperatures were ideal for sitting around the fire and getting a good night sleep.

tent camping at night


american toad

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