Bois Brule River Float

River bound mid-morning with our kayaks, we were eager to get there. The group consisted of four – Joel, Rachael, Cory and myself. We floated a rather large section of river so we did not stop and fish as much as we all would have liked, otherwise we would have been paddling all night. It took us about 7 hours as it was. The weather was great and we did find a few pretty fish.

Kayaking the Brule River in Wisconsin

About to launch.

Brule River Brown Trout

Lots of little fish.

Trying to fish while floating down a river in a kayak can be very challenging. The current is constantly taking you into brush or spinning you around 180 degrees. Heaven forbid you get snagged or back cast into the trees, then you are just in for a hot mess. Combine all of that with things tangling in the boat or getting rods wrapped together and then two other kayaks are coming down on you fast. Pretty soon you’ve got 3 people in a kayak pile with rods and lines tangled and the unforgiving current pushing everything into a tighter disaster. It can be very frustrating at times, but rewarding in the end.

Brule River Kayak Wisconsin

Brule River Kayak

Joel navigates some overhanging brush. Not what he had intended.

If you were able to fish a spot before spooking all of the trout in the area by running right over the top of it with your boat, you could sometimes be successful.

Dry Fly Fishing Brown Trout Brule River Kayak Wisconsin

This beautiful brown took a dry fly – the stone flopper!

Kayaking the Brule River in Wisconsin

It was good to get out and stretch our legs once in a while and stand in the icy cold spring water.

Brule River Wisconsin Wood Turtle

The infamous Wood Turtle.

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