More Ice Time on Lake Superior

Beginning in Washburn, Wisconsin, we fished our way north towards Bayfield. We started out in a bay fishing off a break where it dropped from 5 feet down to 20 feet very rapidly.

Ice Fishing Lake Superior

Drew dropped his line down and right away a fish grabbed it before we could even get the door closed on the shelter and see what was going on. That gave us high hopes for some fast action. He reeled it in and it turned out to be a small steelhead which was released promptly.

Drew and his Steelhead

It was still early and Drew seemed a little dazed and confused with the first fish caught the second his line got in the water.

A while later I caught a small splake. We spent some timing watching smaller whitefish come swimming through but not biting what we had to offer. It was pretty slow so we decided to move into some deeper water and fish with our vexilars. It wasn’t long and drew reeled up a rather large whitefish.

lake superior whitefish

I caught a smaller whitefish moments later and those were all the fish we caught the rest of the day.

The next day we went further North out of Bayfield and again it was really slow with only a couple of small whitefish and splake caught.

ice fishing lake superior splake

A splake caught by Drew.

I explored a couple of miles further and found a drop-off that dropped from 15 down to 60 feet very quickly. There was also a lot of current in this area and within minutes I had a fish on. A nice lake trout around 20 inches. I got my line back down and had another one on, and then another. I landed 4 lakers in a short period of time (throwing back the smallest). I now had a limit.

I setup the house and jumped on the wheeler to drive back and get Drew on these fish. He landed several and we ended with 5 that we kept. It turned out to be a great day for us.

Ice Fishing Lake Superior Lake Trout

Ice Fishing Lake Superior Lake Trout

A good day ice fishing lake trout on Lake Superior.

As we were getting ready to leave, the snow had picked up and in no time at all it was a whiteout. All you could see was white in every direction and just a little bit of the near shore. It’s always good to have a GPS and a good idea of where you are at when fishing the Great Lakes. Visibility and conditions can change rapidly.

Ice Fishing Lake Superior Lake Trout

Drew is ready to go, but which way?

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