A good year for Great Lakes Ice

This should be a great year for ice on the Great Lakes. I am particularly looking forward to what happens with the West end of Lake Superior. It’s not often we get ice to fish on, but when we do – the fishing can be phenomenal. Being that we have had so much sub-zero temperatures already this year, we are seeing ice much earlier than usual. It typically takes all winter for surface water on the big lake to cool down to the low 30’s F when it finally starts getting some ice forming in February or March. This year it already started happening in December, and temperatures are not looking up! With many nights dipping below -20F and not even breaking 0 during the daytime, I think we are going to see some good ice on the lake yet this year, along with some good trout fishing!

Lake Superior Ice

Lake Superior Ice on January 2, 2014

Lake Superior surface water temperatures December 29, 2013

Here is a nice rainbow from 2013.

Looking forward to more of this!

Looking forward to more of this!

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  1. Amber on

    We’re hoping for some decent ice on Milwaukee harbor. Apparently lake trout and salmon will come in near warmer water in the harbor. I want to catch some lake trout, and get some more salmon. We trolled for them once this summer, but had a rough day on Mich.


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