AK is Ok

A short video I put together with all of the footage I had from Alaska. I had a lot of footage, but used only some of it to keep it interesting and to not bore you with a long video of fighting fish – just straight to the good stuff.

There is a short bit in the video where we rode ATV’s up a mountain and camped out for a night to hunt moose. The reason it was only one night was due to high winds and horizontal rain. The wind literally ripped the tent to pieces. Of course we never saw a moose in that crazy weather, but we did find moose elsewhere later in the week.

3 comments on “AK is Ok

    • Leif Birnbaum Duluth, MN on

      Thanks! Which part of AK are you from? I spent some of my time in South West around Naknek Lake/River and the other part around Anchorage, Wasilla and across the inlet from Anchorage (Moose hunting). I have a cousin that lives with his family in Eagle River. I love AK and could see myself living there. Do you ever go back?

      • flyfishingruinedher on

        I grew up in Anchorage (south side/hillside) but I spent a lot of time in Willow, Seward and Talketna. I use to go back every summer until 2 years I go I started to tapper off. I miss the summers there. I have friends there that are just as close to me as family who I miss 24/7/ That place is very special to me. However, I have been enjoying Utah, where I live now a lot.


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