UV Stonefly Variation

…something I came up with after experimenting with UV resin and using rubber leg material for the body of the fly. The barred rubber legs wrapped for the body create a good looking effect.

  • Tail: Krystal Flash and black paint brush bristles
  • Body: rubber leg material (orange and black), UV resin
  • Underbody: lead wrap
  • Wingcase: turkey, UV resin
  • Thorax: purple ice dubbing
  • Legs/Antennae: black paint brush bristles
  • Head: tungsten bead
  • Hook: #14 nymph hook

Tip: You can curl the antennae nicely by running your fingernail down them liking curling ribbon. I tie the antennae on first, cut the thread, slide the bead forward, and then restart the thread.

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