Lo Fi Fly

If you haven’t experienced Lo Fi Fly yet, you’re missing out on some funny stuff. Just a sample from their latest on the truth…

The pic above is me with a jumbo grayling on….he just ate my size six skid bitch off the surface. Here is what i was thinking the whole time this was going down.

“Shit ya. suck that fly gay grayling…suck it good. I’m the best in the world….no one would think to use that fly up here…..except me. Shit i’m smart. The rest of you are stupid, stupid, stupid. I want to smash all your dumb faces you are so stupid. The world is stupid. Stupid world. This grayling may be a world record. My knots are the best. I am the only one in the world who knows about this fly. My rod and reel set up is the best. How can I do this full-time. Everyone is stupid. I hate that guy. My presentation was stunning, I am stunning….damn i look good in this red coat. Suck it Suck it Suck it. I wish this was a 50lb steelhead. I’m the fucking best”

The most honest thing you will read all day.

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