Last walkable ice, first big rainbows

The ice was deteriorating quickly but we were determined to get one more day in before it was gone. Calm winds and steady temperatures were on our side. Action was not fast and furious, but we spent all day and there were just enough fish around to keep us interested.

Dead deer frozen in the ice

When I first walked out, I did not know what I was looking at and walked right on past.

Deer drowned in the ice

Less than 48 hours prior, the ice was borderline walk-able and this deer found out the hard way. It must have wandered out at night, broke through and couldn’t make it back out, dying of exhaustion and drowning. Sad.

Mitch with his first big Lake Superior rainbow through the ice.

Mitch with his first big Lake Superior rainbow through the ice.

Lake Superior Kamloops Rainbow Trout

Save My Dog Odin

Odin was born July 6, 2014 and came to live with me at 6 weeks old. His puppyhood is typical – very curious and energetic.







In the fall of 2014 Odin had his first bird hunting experience. Odin has always been a “house dog” but loves to spend time outdoors. The following spring he was able to spend time (fishing) from the shore and also enjoyed laying in the boat given the opportunity.






Odin completed two courses at Twin Ports Dog Academy. The first one was puppy class and the second one was obedience training. He also completed a retriever class at the Duluth Retriever Club. He continues to train with retriever skills. Odin continues to have high energy and enjoys running alongside a bicycle and ATV.





Sometime over the summer of 2015 Odin began regularly vomiting bile. His vet suspected bilious vomiting syndrome – something that can easily be controlled but not curable. And most people claim their dog eventually grows out of it.




It seems like Odin is always hungry. At one time I was able to feed him 2 meals/day, but as vomiting began I had to increase frequency to 3 smaller meals/day and now it is 4 to 5 depending on the day and number of vomits. He was also switched to Purina Pro Plan for sensitive skin and stomach (summer 2015). He does not get table scraps or people food (aside for occasional fresh chicken meat cooked for him and given to supplement his regular meal).




The vomiting has only continued to get worse and the vet suspects something much greater is the problem. It seems no matter what I do with Odin’s diet and medication he keeps vomiting and it is difficult to have to watch every day. He has to work very hard to get the vomit up and it is now happening 3-5 times daily.



Odin is requiring food in the middle of the night to avoid vomiting. The time following a meal (before he begins to vomit bile) varies from 2.5 to 5.5 hours this past week. Vomiting episodes are preceded by standing up, drooling, licking lips. The process is strained and he must retch a while to bring up the bile.

Other than the vomiting episodes, Odin seems “normal” and continues to have normal urine and stool output. He still is energetic and loves to go outside. He is probably gaining some weight with the extra feeding. A meal of ½ cup does not sustain him very long so rather than additional vomiting I give him ¾ cup to stretch it a little longer between meals. His daily 3 cups is now closer to 3 ½ cups.

At one and a half year old, I now have a very difficult decision to make. I am at my wits end and running out of options. The constant vomiting is destroying Odin’s esophagus and if I cannot resolve this, I will have to have him put down. The vet has left me with a few more options to send Odin to a specialist and have more tests and exploratory surgeries done to try and diagnose a problem.

I do not have the funds to pay for this.

So here is my decision. If I can raise enough funds, I will continue to put Odin through the ringer and keep trying to figure this out which will include sending him to a specialist to have an endoscopy done which includes biopsies as well as inspecting for any foreign objects and looking for any disease process that could be going on.

If I cannot raise the funds needed, Odin will be put down. If you feel like Odin still deserves a chance at life, then please consider donating to his cause.

Northern Minnesota Winter Trout

After spending a week in the deep snowy wintry wilderness of Northern Minnesota I don’t think we were ready to leave. Daily treks on snowmobile into various trout lakes, nightly sauna sessions, and good times had by all. We had a different adventure each day. I think the pictures speak for themselves…

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout Northern Minnesota

Drew and a fine specimen of a rainbow.

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout Northern Minnesota

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout Northern Minnesota

Another fat rainbow trout. Drew was killing it this day!

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout Northern Minnesota

Mitch with his silvery ‘bow.

Ice Fishing Trout Northern Minnesota

Ice Fishing Lake Trout Northern Minnesota

Joe finally landed this lake trout after losing a bigger one!

Ice Fishing Trout Northern Minnesota

One day we had to try the community hole.

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout Northern Minnesota

Ice Fishing Brook Trout Northern Minnesota

Drew admires the spots on this Northern Minnesota brook trout.

Ice Fishing Brook Trout Northern Minnesota

Less than five minutes of fishing and Drew catches his biggest brook trout to date.

Ice Fishing Brook Trout Northern Minnesota

A chunky buck brook trout.

Ice Fishing Brook Trout Northern Minnesota

Big buck brookie with a Big Kype!

Ice Fishing Brook Trout Northern Minnesota

Snowmobiling in Rugged Northern Minnesota

This trail was our biggest challenge of the trip. A steep side hill navigating around boulders, rocks, trees, brush and trying to keep the sled on the trail.

Ice Fishing Trout Northern Minnesota

Drew awaits a brook trout on the end of his line.

Ice Fishing Trout Northern Minnesota

Ice Fishing Brook Trout Northern Minnesota

Drew levels a nice brookie for a quick picture.

Ice Fishing Brook Trout Northern Minnesota

Joe got his brook trout.

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout Northern Minnesota

Joe with a chunky rainbow trout.

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout Northern Minnesota

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout Northern Minnesota

Mitch got to squeeze some rainbows too.

Ice Fishing Trout Northern Minnesota

Getting the community hole ready for a group sight fishing session.

First “Cold” Sit of the Season, and Success

Today was the first day the temperature actually got cold. We have been spoiled with such warm weather this winter – it has hardly dipped below freezing. But today it was hovering right around 10 F and it was darn cold to be sitting out in the woods up in a tree completely exposed to the elements. Luckily I did not have to sit long before several deer came running through, and then one walked by and paused long enough for a shot. I feel even more satisfied bagging a deer in December because it becomes quite a bit more difficult to endure the painful cold. The deer don’t seem to move as much or as far either. It takes extra effort and endurance to hunt into the late season and I find the reward that much greater. I suffered and I paid my dues, and sometimes I get rewarded for it.

bowhunting deer in Minnesota

Another doe falls victim to the Montec G5 125gr.