Big Kype Production: Tying a Stone Fly

Here is a video tying a stone fly like the one I posted about in Stone Fly Revisited. The detail is not very good and you probably can’t really see what’s going on. I suppose this type of video is better suited for large flies. This was a late at night, just wanting to see how it would work out type of thing. I will try to do better next time.

I must supplement this video with a photo to better show the final product. Use dubbing loops to create a better body and buggy effect.

Sunscreen in a Pill

A type of coral found in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef might someday be used to create sunscreen — in a pill. The coral has a unique way of generating its own protection from the sun’s damaging UV radiation, which can cause painful sunburns and is a primary cause of skin cancer. If scientists can figure out how to put the coral’s natural sunscreen into pill form, this pill might not only eliminate the need for greasy sunblock lotions but also prevent eye damage caused by UV rays.

Link (Via: The Week)