North Shore Fall Grand Slam

Kayak Fishing Lake Trout

Always have a plan B. Plan A was kayak fishing lake trout every day but because Lake Superior is so unpredictable, conditions were only ideal for our first evening of fishing. Even so, we capitalized and made the best of it when we could.

Kay Fishing Lake Trout in Lake Superior

The three lake trout we kept. These were the smallest ones we caught estimated between 8-10lbs. We did not have any decent cameras with us so the crappy phone picture in dim light will have to do.

Plan B was fly fishing in the rivers which we spent most of our time doing after paddling out over 4 foot rollers. I did not feel like I could really focus on jigging lake trout while abruptly bobbing up and down in a 12′ kayak.

Fly-Fishing Pink Salmon

Lake Superior Pink Salmon

A quick picture Drew snapped of one of his humpies before tossing it back.

Pink Salmon, ‘Humpies’, were in thick and there were a lot of fresh fish around aggressively chasing down and hitting streamers. Combined with a mix of brook trout (and few bass + one walleye), it made for constant action and kept us entertained all day.

Fly-Fishing Brook Trout

Lake Superior Brook Trout

The colors on the brook trout are prime this time of year.

Lake Superior Brook Trout

One of the nicer brookies that Drew caught stripping a minnow imitation through a deep hole.

Going back to that first evening of kayak fishing – we did hook up with lots of fish in the short time we had, losing or missing a lot but also landing some dandies including this 20lb class fish which was healthily released.

Kayak Fishing Lake Trout in Lake Superior

No net for this one – after getting dragged around in circles I finally managed to drag it into my lap and broke my rod. But it was worth it.

Kayak Fishing Lake Trout in Lake Superior

A quick photo before releasing this fat trout. It’s always a thrill fighting a fish like this.

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