February Trouts

Two Thousand Seventeen is off to a good start. We had a strong showing early on in February. There was even a day on the weekend that wasn’t blowing 60mph and I was able to get my kayak out in some deep water jigging lake trout and herring.

Sunrise over Lake Superior on a chilly February Morning

Sunrise over Lake Superior on a chilly February morning.

It didn’t take long to find a limit!

Kayak Fishing Lake Trout and Herring on Lake Superior

Kayak fishing lake trout in February on Lake Superior – it might be just a little crazy.

I met up with Joe that same afternoon and within a couple of hours we found limits of rainbows too! It was a banner day!

Lake Superior Rainbow Trout

A typical Joe expression.

Big female rainbow trout fly fishing Lake Superior

Lake Superior Rainbow Trout Herring Lake Trout

The fish pile at the end of the day.

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