First “Cold” Sit of the Season, and Success

Today was the first day the temperature actually got cold. We have been spoiled with such warm weather this winter – it has hardly dipped below freezing. But today it was hovering right around 10 F and it was darn cold to be sitting out in the woods up in a tree completely exposed to the elements. Luckily I did not have to sit long before several deer came running through, and then one walked by and paused long enough for a shot. I feel even more satisfied bagging a deer in December because it becomes quite a bit more difficult to endure the painful cold. The deer don’t seem to move as much or as far either. It takes extra effort and endurance to hunt into the late season and I find the reward that much greater. I suffered and I paid my dues, and sometimes I get rewarded for it.

bowhunting deer in Minnesota

Another doe falls victim to the Montec G5 125gr.

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