End of Season

Short days and cold weather has kept me from sitting very long in my treestand this late in the season. I still had one tag to fill and with only a few days left, I was going to fill it on the next deer that gave me the opportunity. Today was the warmest it has been in a long time so I took advantage of the nice weather and was in my treestand by 1:00pm. This deer showed up almost right away, making its way through the deep snow to within 5 yards of my stand when I was trying to line up a shot through all of the twigs and branches. I made a subtle noise to stop it long enough I could manage to slip an arrow through. A couple of jumps and off it continued walking down the trench in the snow as if nothing had happened.

The drag out was long and difficult through waste-deep snow and all up-hill. I guess I earned this last one.

archery whitetail deer

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