Northern Lights Last Night

The Northern Lights were amazing last night here in Northern Minnesota. There has only been one other time more than 10 years ago that I can remember seeing them so vividly. I wish I had a better camera for taking extended exposure night shots. The maximum exposure my digital camera can do is 15 seconds. I don’t understand why they limit these point-and-shoot digital cameras so much with exposure settings. You should be able to set it to whatever you like. So I had to tweak these photos in photoshop to make then even slightly presentable. After seeing numerous other images of aurora borealis that are out there on the web, mine look like garbage. In fact, I know they are.┬áBut hopefully you will get the idea.

As always, you had to be there in person to really experience the show. They were vibrant, pulsing rapidly, and the rays appeared to tower all the way up into space. It was like I was surrounded by a dome of light rays beaming up into the sky. And no I was NOT abducted by aliens last night. It was just the kind of thing that makes you feel so small on this little planet and sends chills down your spine.

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