Big Flies Round II

So My first attempt I actually tested out in the pond and guess what, I have an upside down swimming sunfish. I figured this would happen because I did not add any keel weight. So on my second fly I just tied straight up knowing the hook would swim bend-down. I also used foam to form the head and clear cure goo to coat the head/eyes and create a lip on the fly. Pretty amazing stuff.

The method I used for making my lip is shown here:

It is very tricky, especially if you are trying to create anything larger than a very small lip. I almost lost it numerous times so make sure you keep it rotating so it doesn’t all drip off. There is definitely some practice getting it to form to your shape. I eventually hit it with the light when it was close, just to cure it slightly enough so that I could touch it up and move some around before fully curing it.

I got the idea for the foam head from this video:

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