Episode 6 of 6 “A Fishing Year Along The River Vindelälven Valley”

Welcome to the sixth and final episode (part 6 of 6) of: A Fishing Year Along The River Vindelälven Valley “. In this episode we follow John and Stefan on a fishing trip up to the head waters of the Vindelälven river. To get the opportunity to fish in the limited accessed section, an application has to be submitted no later than May 1 to the county board administration of Västerbotten. Then a lottery will be conducted in order to randomly distribute the currently maximum of 100 fishing days that are granted in the section. The area has limited access in order to maintain the high quality of fishing and to minimize the pressure on the nature of the area.
Johan and Stefan stops, however, one night in Ammarnäs village before they head out to the mountains. Stefan tries his luck after the huge trout that annually migrate up from Lake Storvindeln and up in the Vindel River for spawning. The average weight is over 3.5 kg of these magnificent trout and there’s alot of work going on with management to preserve one of Sweden’s last strains of large migrating brown trout.

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