Thunder Thighs Hopper Tutorial

  • Hook: 2 x-long nymph hook.
  • Thread: UTC 140 denier. Great foam tying thread.
  • Body: Two-Tone foam with a total thickness of 4mm.
  • Underwing: Micro flash, rootbeer color.
  • Wing: 1mm tan foam.
  • Legs: Thinly sliced two-tone foam, super-floss material. You can knot on any rubber leg material. The super-floss material is very durable and stays knotted to the foam strip with a simple over-hand knot.
  • Eyes: 2mm black foam strip.
  • Post: 2mm hi-viz foam strip.
  • Dubbing: Tan dubbing of choice.

Full step-by-step tutorial via: Hopper Fishing

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