Native Americans Permitted to Kill Bald Eagles

Bald eagle populations are improving across the nation, but a ruling to allow the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming to kill two of the nation’s birds is drawing some serious debate.

From our friends at Game & Fish:

Not many people know there are special permits to take bald eagles — the prospect even took a few of our co-workers by surprise.

Nevertheless, the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming was granted a permit to kill two bald eagles Friday after winning a lengthy court battle in which tribe officials contended that the kill is part of the tribe’s religion.

The Associated Press reports that thousands of tribes apply for eagle feathers and carcasses from federal repositories, but permits to actually kill eagles are becoming more and more rare, as the bald eagle is protected by federal law under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

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Well killing wolves is part of my religion, so I should be able to kill some wolves, despite Native Americans who oppose a wolf hunt (but killing bald eagles is okay?!). It just so happens to be that eagles are sacred to my religion too, so this bald eagle slaying should not be allowed.

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  1. Tereasa on

    A friend of mine wrote this and she write beautifully about a lot of our feelings on this very sad situation..I have Indian in my blood now I want that part removed!! MY FRIENDS WORDS: Dear Native Americans. Worship the Eagle alive, flying, soaring, gliding in the clouds free as your tribes once were. Pick their fallen feathers from the land and treasure those, not ones you pluck from the body of those you’ve killed. :'( Truly I do not wish any Native American to forget their history. I do not wish them not to partake in rituals and customs. I wish only that they do no harm to the earth, and by killing those eagles they are doing great harm. In their eyes apparently they do not see that and that saddens me because stubborn people are usually not easily swayed. I know they’re not going to eat the Eagle, maybe if they did it would make more sense than killing it for feathers.. For Feathers!!! To me that’s like killing the Fox for it’s fur, the Elephant for it’s tusk. The shark for it’s fin…..on and on….all the senseless killings…Is this how vegetarian’s feel about us meat eaters?

  2. shirley on

    Obama is the sorriest excuse for American President!! He doesn’t give a damn about American, or what American stands for. He is shameful.


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