Idaho Expands Season and Quota for 2012 Wolf Hunt

Idaho had a great wolf hunt last year, taking 364 wolves, but the state is hoping to speed up their management process.

The state is expanding their hunting and trapping season, as well as increasing the bag limit. According to, Idaho officials estimate that there are between 500 and 600 wolves in the state. The problem is that the ideal number for Idaho is 150 wolves with 10 breeding pairs. Before the 2011 season, they estimated the population at about 1,000 wolves.

“Our harvest focus is to be more aggressive in areas where we anticipate more conflicts … and providing relief on big-game animals,” Jon Rachael, Idaho’s wolf manager, told the commission.

The changes to the 2012 season are increasing bag limits to five wolf tags for hunters and five for trappers in five northern hunting zones,  extending season length on private land in a northern Idaho hunting zone and on public land in two zones in eastern Idaho, and expanding bag limits in two hunting zones and adding trapping to two hunting units in central Idaho.

Via: Sportsmen Vote

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