Great Lakes Stone Fly Patterns

From Indigo Guide Service

Steve’s Steelhead Stone

This stonefly pattern was a steady evolution over the years, it is easy enough to tie and has a nice look.  I like the bead head to give a segmented look and a little weight to fish heavy, like a stonefly.  I found that some of the stones had a slightly lighter underside than their back and I think the high contrast on this pattern is good at getting noticed.

  • Hook… Mustad R70, size 8
  • Head… medium tungsten in black
  • Tail… black rubber legs
  • Body… *medium sized, tan rubber band
  • Hackle… brown grouse
  • Back… oil can foil
  • *Use a black Sharpie marker to darken the back.

Morlock’s Spring Stone

Our first hatch of the year in west Michigan that is important to steelhead anglers are a couple species of black or dark stoneflies, they range from size 10-20, but most are in the 12-14 range.  The steelhead are not critical on size and many feel that a bit larger stonefly pattern will produce more action, stonefly patterns tied on size 6-8 egg hooks are a good choice.

  • Hook… Mustad C67S, size 6
  • Tail… turkey tail
  • Ribbing… light copper wire
  • Body… 3-5 strands of peacock herl
  • Hackle… pheasant neck
  • Back… *turkey tail
  • *This is the same turkey tail piece that was used for the tail, now brought forward for the back.

Easily Stoned

Easy to tie and very effective is Phil’s Easily Stoned pattern.  This is Phil’s go-to stonefly patterns for his home river of the Muskegon but would also be an effective patterns for any stream.  As good size and profile match to the spring stoneflies that hatch throughout Michigan.

  • Hook… Daiichi 1530, size 8
  • Tail… black goose biot
  • Body… small black V-Rib
  • Thorax… pearl/black estaz

Martinez’s Psycho Stonefly

While Steve’s new woven series of flies began with Steve going crazy with winter boredom from tying the same old standards.  These new flies have been catching steelhead.  The Martinez’s Psycho Stonefly adds a bright twist to the standard stoneflies.  I really like the definition and segmented look between the light and dark yarn for the body.

  • Hook… TMC 3761, size 6
  • Eyes… medium red plastic
  • Tail… black goose biot
  • Body… woven light tan and dark brown antron yarn
  • Wing… black goose biot
  • Head… orange uv dubbing

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