Chile in Northern Minnesota Part 2

In case you missed it, click here for Chile in Northern Minnesota Part 1.

Unloading the gear from the truck.

Hiking out on the frozen lake to find a spot to set up.

Checking the depth of the water by shooting the Vexilar through the ice.

Setting up an ice house.

Setting up another ice house.

Drilling holes through the ice with the hand auger.

Tying on.

First time fishing. (Wait, people drill holes in the ice and catch fish through them?) Not sure what to expect…

How about a great big lake trout!

So much excitement in the fish house!

It got crowded pretty quick. There were 3 other people in this small fish house taking pictures.

The other house was only about 20 feet away, so as soon as they heard the excitement next door, we had a house-full watching it all go down. Watching her fight the trout on 4lb test line, we were all nervous about losing the fish, only to erupt in whoops and cheers as the fish finally came through the hole some 20 minutes later…

…stay tuned…

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