Michigan State Land Cap Bill Headed to Vote

Senate Bill 248, seeks to place an arbitrary cap on the ability of the State of Michigan to acquire any new lands in the future.  The bill is sponsored by legislators from the Upper Peninsula who believe there is too much public land in that part of the state.  Their proposed solution is to have the entire rest of the state also restricted from future land acquisition – despite the constitutional formed Natural Resources Trust Fund, voted on by the citizens of Michigan, which was created to provide means of acquiring land lands for our use.

Senate Bill 248 moves to a committee vote next week on Tuesday Dec. 13. Trout Unlimited is urging all Michigan outdoorsmen to contact their state reps and ask them to vote “no” on SB248.

Read more on this issue via: alexkain (From Michigan Trout Unlimited) – also includes a list of state representatives and their contact information.

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