Man Shoots Himself in the Foot, Trying to Shoot Squirrel

A Monroe man trying to shoot a squirrel wound up shooting himself.

Ethan Bennett, 36, told Benton County sheriff’s deputies he was at his residence at 24750 Cox Lane in Monroe about 4:15 p.m. Wednesday when he tried to shoot the rodent with a .22-caliber rifle.

The squirrel reportedly ran up his left leg, and he pulled the trigger, hitting himself in the foot.

Deputies contacted Bennett at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, where he drove himself after the accident. Law enforcement agencies investigate all gunshot wounds admitted to the hospital.

Hospital personnel said Bennett was treated and released.

Capt. Greg Ridler said Bennett did not kill the squirrel.

“The squirrel scared him,” Ridler said.

Bennett declined to comment about the incident.

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