For The Upcoming Ice Fishing Season: Northland Tackle’s New Impulse Mayfly

You can see the distinctive movement of the Mayfly as it mimics the larvae of a hatching mayfly.

Northland claims that its new IMPULSE™ range has been proven to be 143% more effective than leading competitor brands following an independent laboratory study.

The meaty Mayfly has been designed to tempt panfish and perch – and panfish expert Brian ‘Bro’ Brosdahl has no hesitation in recommending the imitation nymph.

“Its life-like profile, ultra-sensitive legs and undulating tail mimic the larvae of a hatching fly perfectly,” says Brosdahl. “And the IMPULSE™ attractant turns cruisers into biters. It has become my ‘go-to’ bait for monster perch and panfish.”

The bait is best fished on a tiny jig or a dropper, is available in eight colours and comes in zip-locked eight-packed bags.

Link (Via: Angling International)

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