The Iron Lotus

Hook:  TMC 3769 #12-18

Bead:  Gold Tungsten

Weighted underbody:  Lead wire

Thread:  Olive UTC 70 or 140 (depending on hook size)

Tail:  Coq de leon medium pardo

Body:  Olive UTC thread

Ribbing:  White Uni thread 6/0

Thorax:  Arizona synthetic peacock dubbing

Wingcase:  Black flashback tinsel

Finish thread:  (hotspot behind bead) Red UTC 70 thread (I finish the thorax and wingcase with red thread, then whip finish with the red thread to create the micro hotspot just behind the bead).

Note:  The body and ribbing (not the thorax) of the Iron Lotus are lacquered using Gudebrod rod finish to create a durable, dense body.  Add the bead, weight, tail, olive thread body and white ribbing then lacquer the abdomen.  Once dry, finish the wingcase and thorax.

Link (Via: Fly Fisherman)

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