Trout Candy

After recently reading through an issue of Flymage and coming across an intriguing fly pattern referred to as pellets, I was compelled to go to the vice and experiment.

Different pellet models, from bright bodies with holographic tinsels, through natural shades and even using fluor beads…

Their resistance is unsurpassable, the Cyanoacrylate or varnish finish make them real armored in the river. This finish not only gives them hardness but it improves water penetration.

Regarding colors and shades to use, depending on the zone and time of the year, we can choose the most realistic or give free rein to our imagination.

The pellet pattern inspired me to tie some small jigs, with the intention of using them shore fishing trout in the Great Lakes. I have not tested them out yet, but I have a feeling that if I can get one within site of any big trout cruising the shoreline – they will take it without hesitation. More to come…

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