Stone Fly Pattern


Recently I have been examining a couple of stone flies I have preserved in a little jar of alcohol that came out of the belly of a rainbow trout this past spring. I wanted to try to better mimic these flies and this is what I came up with so far. Rather than tying the biots in for legs and leaving them straight, angled toward the rear of the fly – I creased them forward to make them look like actual legs and what a difference this makes. Now it’s starting to look real.

  • hook: Tiemco size 6 #2312
  • tail: biots
  • body: stone fly dubbing ribbed with copper wire
  • legs: biots
  • casing: scud back
  • antennae: mallard flank fibers

The stone flies I have preserved have very light yellowish undersides – so I made a few with lighter colored dubbing, and then used a black or brown sharpie to color the scud back darker. This creates an even truer looking stone fly. Maybe to improve this fly I can add another hump of dubbing and scud back for the actual “head” of the stone fly. If you look at a real stone fly, they have 3 segments, and then their head, which is just as big if not larger than the 3 “wing-case” segments.

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