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  • State Record Bound

    State Record Bound

    The search was on for a good trout lake and Drew and I decided to try our luck with some splake. Arriving at our destination early in the morning, the drilling and setup began. […]

  • Long, fishless hours on the ice

    Long, fishless hours on the ice

    It was a slow day today ice fishing on Lake Superior. At least it wasn’t a skunk. There was just enough action to keep some interest and not fall asleep in the fish house. […]

  • Eelpout Fun

    Eelpout Fun

    Eelpout fishing on the St. Louis River takes place around Christmas and New Years every year. During this time is when they swim up river from Lake Superior to do their spawning thing. If […]

  • Ice Mods Part 2

    Ice Mods Part 2

    (Also see Ice Mods Part 1) Arriving with the newly modified pull sled, Drew and I found ourselves walking across the ice on Lake Superior’s Chequamegon bay once again. The pull sled was built […]