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  • First Bear

    First Bear

    WARNING: This video contains images that may be offensive to some people. Watch at your own discretion. On another note, someone has already mistaken the motorcycle revving in the background as the bear moaning […]

  • Minnesota Deer Archery Opener

    Minnesota Deer Archery Opener

    This is a new area I’m hunting this year so I’m not familiar with the deer movements and hideouts, but I have found some very good-looking spots to hunt. After sitting all morning and […]

  • In Search of the King

    In Search of the King

    Over the weekend, we headed up the North Shore of Lake Superior camping and geared up for king salmon (and anything else we might have the opportunity to catch). We were determined and even […]

  • Fly Fishing for Hot Summer ‘Skis

    Fly Fishing for Hot Summer ‘Skis

    Stripping big flies for muskies can be a lot of work, but it helps when the action is good. After a full day we tallied ten follows, four takes, and three landed muskies on […]