Midwest Fly-Fishing

And everything in between.

Midwest Fly-Fishing

And everything in between.

  • Who is Tina?

    It was a typical day at the fish hatchery. Fish roe and milt were stripped from live fish using compressed air. Before fertilization, the eggs are first disinfected because of concerns for disease. They are then moved into special tanks where they hatch into baby rainbow trout. Something happened on this day that no one ever… Read more »

  • Beautiful Spring Day on the Big Lake

    It felt like summer for a day. And then it dropped about 30 degrees the next. Taking advantage of the nice weather like everyone else, we took a kayak and canoe out on the lake to jig for herring and lake trout. The fishing was okay, but the weather was better. A couple of herring… Read more »

  • Last walkable ice, first big rainbows

    The ice was deteriorating quickly but we were determined to get one more day in before it was gone. Calm winds and steady temperatures were on our side. Action was not fast and furious, but we spent all day and there were just enough fish around to keep us interested.

  • Clown Egg

    Steelhead season is fast approaching. Here is an excellent tutorial from Tightline Productions for tying quality egg yarn patterns in consistent size and shape.

  • Save My Dog Odin

    Odin was born July 6, 2014 and came to live with me at 6 weeks old. His puppyhood is typical – very curious and energetic. In the fall of 2014 Odin had his first bird hunting experience. Odin has always been a “house dog” but loves to spend time outdoors. The following spring he was… Read more »