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  • Fourth Down

    Fourth Down

    It was going to be a full moon that night, so I went out around 10 AM so I could sit through the middle of the day. Sure enough deer started showing up around […]

  • I Shot a Buck

    I Shot a Buck

    Rattle rattle rattle. Twig snaps. Oh how exciting. He’s coming right for me. I can see movement. He’s looking for the fight. He steps into the opening and I release my arrow. He drops. What […]

  • Doe #2

    Doe #2

    Tuesday morning I had several does spook and come running through my stand area. I was lucky and had a runner coming down a trail from up the hill, scaring one of the does back […]

  • Odin’s First Retrieve

    Odin’s First Retrieve

    So Odin is my new pup. He is a 3-month-old chocolate lab. I have been working hard training him and taking him out bird hunting with me to get him used to the idea […]