Midwest Fly-Fishing

And everything in between.

Midwest Fly-Fishing

And everything in between.

  • Rattling in a Giant: The Backstory

    Just a couple of days after taking this giant I was contacted by another hunter who found out about it and apparently had been after this deer. Hunting over a half mile away, he had been capturing regular images of this deer on his trail camera – right up until the day before he found his… Read more »

  • Rattling in a Giant

    It was Thursday and I was heading to the woods after work. The air was crisp and the wind was hardly blowing. After checking the wind direction I knew exactly where I wanted to sit so I made my hike in and set myself up high in a tree using my modified lone wolf climbing… Read more »

  • Dad’s First Buck

    My dad took up hunting with a crossbow a few years back and has only had the opportunity to shoot a doe in the past. Quite contrary to most, I took up hunting before my dad and have many more hours of bowhunting and deer tracking experience on my side. Last night I received the following… Read more »

  • February Trouts

    Two Thousand Seventeen is off to a good start. We had a strong showing early on in February. There was even a day on the weekend that wasn’t blowing 60mph and I was able to get my kayak out in some deep water jigging lake trout and herring. It didn’t take long to find a… Read more »

  • Summer Trail Camera Pictures

    The following trail camera pictures are some of the more interesting from earlier this summer. I placed this camera on a den to see what would show up.